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The house, the birds and the bees.

It took me two weekends to complete the look of our new place. We are blessed with 'just-the-right size' this time and its incredibly perfect for the four of us (me, hubby and our two kitties). The TV area is now a snugly corner for MN and I to cuddle up and watch movie. When the TV is not on, it quickly becomes a cozy nook for playing catch-up with reading.

We have quite a huge lawn with banana trees planted at a corner. Our kitties are extremely pleased to have room to lie around on the grass. Its big enough that we managed to pull off a birthday party for mom which fitted 20 happy people lounging around outside. There's also roses. And pine trees that guarded the house. We wake up to birds singing everyday.

MN and I decided to not have internet connection at home. We wanna have more real quality time together instead of spending it online.

Its a pretty romantic place.

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