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My Anchor

I've never dedicate a song to my husband. Perhaps never will. Couldn't think a good reason why actually. I mean, there's a lot of other ways to tell him how I feel, right? We do 'have a song' to which we really like and said 'hey. maybe we should play this when we walk together, as husband and wife, on our wedding day.' We did and it was the loveliest day.

But Mindy Gledhill's Anchor seems to wrap my heart in its softness and reminds me so much of my husband and why I chose him for the ever after.

When all the world is spinning around
Like a red balloon way up in the clouds
And my feet will not stay on the ground
You anchor me back down 

I am nearly world renowned
As a restless soul who always skips town
But I look for you to come around
And anchor me back down 

There are those who think that I'm strange
They would box me up and tell me to change
But you hold me close and softly say
That you wouldn't have me any other way 

When people pin me as a clown
You behave as though I'm wearing a crown

When I'm lost I feel so very found
When you anchor me back down 

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